How we help you

What we do for our clients

We support our clients to:

Use people & ops data to make
better business decisions

Intelligently cut
organizational costs

Realign your organization
to unlock growth


How we do it

We help clients to deliver organizational design:

From start to finish

From translating business needs into organizational implications, through to launch of the changes

Based on Analytics and Technology

World’s largest database of organisational transitions, developed with HBR, and our proprietary technology the Quartz Efficiency Driver (QED)

Twice as fast as the average

In 6 months or less

With a focus on practical delivery

Making changes as we go rather than creating masses of documents

What is it like to work with Quartz?

Quartz works quite differently to traditional consulting firms:

  • Your team will be made up of experienced and expert consultants with at least 10 years relevant experience from industry or leading management consultancy firms
  • The project leader will spend real time on the ground with you (at least 1-2 day per week)
  • We bring the input and options for you to make the choices, then we make it happen
  • At the same time, we don’t pull our punches when asked to say what we think
  • Our deliverables are not PowerPoint pages but changes to the way your people work
  • Decisions get made as we go, in interactive workshops and decision meetings, not all at the end
  • We bring technology to accelerate the process: in particular, our proprietary software QED, which diagnoses organizational issues and manages the workflow to get changes implemented

Contact Info

Quartz Associates Limited
Unit 2, Diamond Business Centre
Holland Road, Oxted

Tel: +44(0)20 7971 1288

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